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Amazing! The first performance of the Akashmani Jazz Ensemble at Merigar 30th Anniversary

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Piazza Indipendenza, Arcidosso, GR, Ialy

Adriano Clemente, Italia, harp

Rosie Wiederkehr, Switzerland, singer

Nina Souza Reiss, Germany, singer

Harvey Kaiser, USA, tenor sax

Jasna Jovicevic, Serbia, soprano and alto sax

Romano Consoli, Italy, tenor and soprano sax

Fabio Tomassoni, Italy, flute

Massimo Muratori, Italy, trumpet

Massimiliano Santella, Italy, trombone

Massimiliano Ottaviani, Italy, double bass

Livio Brasi, Italy, piano

Pancho Company, Spain, drums and percussion

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