A series of projects that display the universal message of melody, harmony, and rhythm

in various forms of expression and through different musical languages.

The Mingus Suite, Adriano Clemente, painting by M. Gil



Cuban Fires is an imaginary journey into the various styles and traditions of Cuban music, as a sequel of the CD “Havana Blue”. The idea is to deepening some aspects of the Cuban musical heritage and to explore different moods and sonorities


The CD is published by Dodicilune in July 2018



A project of compositions in latin style inspired by the music of Bebo ValdesMario Bauza, and other giants of the Cuban musical tradition. It was recorded in December 2015 in La Habana with top local musicians, among whom Leyanis Valdes, granddaughter of Bebo Valdes (and daughter of Chucho Valdes).

The  CD Havana Blue is published by Dodicilune, February 2017.

Havana Blue, Adriano Clemente, painting by A. Iannece
The Mingus Suite, Adriano Clemente, painting by M. Gil



A Jazz Portrait in Seven Movements inspired by the music of Charles Mingus (1922-1979), is an idea that started in 2013 after I had composed a few tunes based on the blues structure in the tradition of Ellington and Mingus for my Akashmani Jazz Ensemble.


The CD is published by Dodicilune in May 2016 

AKASHMANi: Across the Sky

 This project is mainly an acoustic version, performed by a septet of four horns, piano, double-bass and percussion, of some of the compositions that appeared in “Akashmani: Across the Sky”, minimalistic music in the tradition of Terry Riley and Steve Reich, at that time performed on Yamaha and Roland keyboards. In 1996 Amiata Records published this audio tape “Akashmani: Across the Sky”. The use of percussions and the new arrangements add a somewhat different flavor to the music. 



This project includes various songs with English lyrics, some of which already performed in concerts by the Akashmani Ensemble. Several songs are based on jazz and blues harmony, while others are written for voice and harp. The lyrics express ideas and feelings from personal experience.



The Songs of William Blake (1757–1827), is one of my oldest projects, as I started to set Blake’s poems into music in 1974. The compositions, mostly from "The Songs of Innocence and Experience" are written in the style of English ballads, and also inspired by the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.   



This is a series of compositions for harp and strings, or for strings alone, some of which contained in the audio tape "Akashmani: Across the Sky" published by Amiata Records. Their major inspiration is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and contemporary masters such as Arvo Part and Terry Riley.

CD Cuban Fires

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CD Havana Blue

CD The Mingus Suite

Photos by Paolo Fassoli, Libero Carniel, Vidary Inthamone, Dina Priymak, Genarepa Djalu, Maurizio Mingotti, Claudio Galeota, Titti Pastore
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