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How to make my own Homemade Cream

A recording of my Online workshop where you can learn how to make a cream from all natural ingredients. The recording is available with the access for a month.

My Story

Since some years I have been trying many different creams for my skin. For long time I had problems with allergies and had to change many creams.

I used the generic drug store stuff for make-up and nicer department store face washes and creams, but had never really thought to read through the labels. The more I started researching about skincare, though, the more I kind of started to freak out about the harsh soaps, preservatives, and oil-stripping compounds I was putting on my face. Our skin breathes and absorbs materials, especially when it’s dry, so whatever is applied and rubbed into it goes into our bodies.


As a Face Yoga practitioner I began to look for a natural way of moisturizing my skin and since I started to make my own homemade cream I am feeling satisfied!  


It is surprisingly easy to make it and so inspiring! And because I am creating it by myself, I am able to specifically buy ingredients that hydrate my skin and moisturize it, making a customized skincare product for myself.

I am happy to share with you the process of making it. Sometimes it is easy to see and try together, so that you can have a concrete idea on what you really need to have around when creating it for yourself!

Watch the recording of the Workshop
Price 20 euro

Face Yoga Club "YOUTH&BEAUTY"

Join my Weekly sessions Live of Face Yoga online! It is a great opportunity to learn how to practice Face Yoga in the right way! 


You will be added to the WhatsApp chat and you will have also access to the videos so you can practice FY during the week at home by yourself.

Every Thursday or Saturday, 6 pm - 7pm (Rome time) we meet on Zoom and practice. Price: 20 euro a month



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect

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