Face is the reflection of our emotional state

Do you agree that our emotional state significantly influences our face and facial expressions? Indeed, face is the reflection of our emotions.


For example, a frowning and sad face demonstrates the contraction of some mimic muscles that form the wrinkles characterized by this contraction, while a joyful and happy face is immediately perceived by a beautiful smile and the relaxation of those very muscles.


Thanks to the holistic path of the practice of Face Yoga by training some muscles and relaxing others that are too tense, we are surprisingly able to influence our emotional state!


Muscles of the face

Ageing and physiological changes of our face usually start at 30 years of age: the effect of gravity and natural biological processes decrease elasticity and muscle tone and initiate the onset of wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of getting older.


Practicing Face Yoga, however, allows us to tone the muscles of the face and counteract the most annoying consequences.


Why Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a complete approach and consists of a series of exercises, lymphatic drainage self-massage, posture techniques, energetic face lift and much more. This practice brings us beauty and well-being, helps reverse the ageing process, makes our face look younger and switch our attention to the positive emotions.

A single daily session of 10-20 minutes are enough to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, to improve skin health by making it brighter and more oxygenated, to reduce puffiness and dark circles and to bring more joy and serenity into our daily life.

Face Yoga Club "YOUTH&BEAUTY"


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You will be added to the WhatsApp chat and you will have also access to the videos so you can practice FY during the week at home by yourself.

Every Thursday and Saturday, 6 pm - 7pm (Rome time) we meet on Zoom and practice. Price: 20 euro a month

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