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JazzToday broadcasting The Mingus Suite

Recently I heard that some tracks from the Mingus Suite were broadcatsed on August 14th by JAZZ TODAY. It is a fortnightly radio show, live in Cambridge UK on 105FM and online at Cambridge105.FM.

Playlist - August 14th 2016

Duck Baker Trio: Deja Vouty from Deja Vouty (Fulica)

Jeremy Rose Quartet: Hegemony from Sand Lines (Earshift Music) Dresch Quartet: At A Kotengeren from Kapu Es Kert (Fono) Adriano Clemente: Inner Fires from The Mingus Suite (Dodicilune) Adriano Clemente: Memories of Duke from The Mingus Suite (Dodicilune) Massimiliano Milesi & Giacomo Papetti: Frammenti Dispersi from Dimidiam (UR) Robert Jukic: The Days of Guns and Roses from Gomme de Jour (self-released) The Savage Five: Oops from Sleepwalking (Herbie MartinMusic) Jasper Hoiby: Song for the Bees from Fellow Creatures (Edition) Achille Succi, Francesco Saiu & Giacomo Papetti: Kolm from Three Branches (El Gallo Rojo) Bojan Z & Nils Wogram: Broke from Housewarming (NWOG) JD Allen: Cotton from Americana (Savant) Hildegunn Oiseth: Vise from Time is Coming (Losen) Rene Mosele’s Ramblin’: Go Go Go from Relaxing at the Showdown (Boomslang) Christian Weidner: Fuzzy Membership from Every Hour of the Light and Dark (Pirouet) Ken Aldcroft: Gospel from Mister, Mister (Trio) EXP Quartet: Fusk from EXP4SVJ2014 (Palomar)

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