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Great review from American Dusty Groove website!

That's a great picture of Charles Mingus on the cover, and the music on the album paints a similarly vivid portrait of the late jazz genius – all original tracks composed by Adriano Clemente, and handled with that mix of strong arrangements and bold solo voices that we love so much from the man himself! There's maybe some currents of deeper sentiment in the sound – a vibe that's more at that mode when Mingus was really re-embracing the music of Duke Ellington, and less the angry Charles of the early 60s – and the horn players really respond to the depth of feeling in the composition, in a lineup that includes Francesco Lento on trumpet, Mario Corvini on trombone, Daniele Tittarelli on alto, and Marco Guidolotti on baritone, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Titles include "Inner Fires", "Urban Jungle 1", "While You Are Asleep", "Blues In Rags", "Brown Bear's Love Waltz", and "Night City Blues". © 1996-2016, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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