Marvelous! "Havana Blue" was recorded in La Habana

On the 21st and 22nd of December 2015 my latin project called "Havana Blue" was recorded in La Habana with top local musicians, among whom Leyanis Valdes, granddaughter of Bebo Valdes (and daughter of Chucho Valdes). I hope the CD will be published this year. I will keep you updated. Thanks to all my friends in La Habana for their kind musical collaboration!!

The musicians, that you can see in the picture, are Leyanis Valdes Reyes (piano), Yandy Martinez (double bass). Yuniet Lombida Prieto(standing: alto and baritone sax, direction), Emir Santa Cruz (tenore sax and clarinet), Augusto Lage (congas), Heikel Fabian Trimino (trombone), Adel Rodriguez (bongos, guira, cowbell, maracas), Santiago Ceballos Seijido (standing: trumpet), Lennon Ruiz (standing: timbales). Victor Guzman (alto and baritone sax) played on the first session and the two sound engineers Dayana and Rebeca.


CD Cuban Fires

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CD Havana Blue

CD The Mingus Suite

Photos by Paolo Fassoli, Libero Carniel, Vidary Inthamone, Dina Priymak, Genarepa Djalu, Maurizio Mingotti, Claudio Galeota, Titti Pastore
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