CD Havana Blue

CD The Mingus Suite

CD Cuban Fires

Photos by Paolo Fassoli, Libero Carniel, Vidary Inthamone, Dina Priymak, Genarepa Djalu, Maurizio Mingotti, Claudio Galeota, Titti Pastore
Paintings by Antonio Iannece, Mariano Gil, Cecilia Damiani, William Blake  ​ Design by Dina Priymak   Powered by Akashmani
Toscana, Italia, 58038, Seggiano GR

Thumbs up on this one...

26 Jul 2016

Thanks to Robert Middleton for his nice commentary in the recent review on The Mingus Suite by Dave Sumner.


"Thumbs up on this one. For a band to emulate the sound of Mingus this well without any of his actual writing is quite a feat. Very listenable and glad to see the Mingus tradition continuing! RM"




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