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Photos by Paolo Fassoli, Libero Carniel, Vidary Inthamone, Dina Priymak, Genarepa Djalu, Maurizio Mingotti, Claudio Galeota, Titti Pastore
Paintings by Antonio Iannece, Mariano Gil, Cecilia Damiani, William Blake  ​ Design by Dina Priymak   Powered by Akashmani
Toscana, Italia, 58038, Seggiano GR

I am glad to sign the contract with Dodicilune for CD Mingus Suite

10 Oct 2015

These days I am going to Lecce to meet Maurizio Bizzochetti and sign a contract to publish my Mingus Suite with Dodicilune.

I am very sattisfied!




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